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Special Interest Divisions

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About CEC’s Special Interest Divisions

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Expand your professional network, exchange knowledge, and advance your career through the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)’s Special Interest Divisions. Our Divisions create the pathways you need to grow your career through conferences, workshops, journals, and more. Whether you’re an administrator, educator, or support professional, we’ve got a place for you.

Access to Divisions is one of the most rewarding benefits of being a CEC member.* These focused groups bring together CEC members based on their professional interests, role, practice setting or focus in a specific exceptionality. Divisions give you access to a specialized network of peers, advanced research, additional journals, and the opportunity to dive deeply into educational areas that reflect your dedicated interests towards helping students with exceptionalities. NOTE: Offerings vary by Division.

Become more deeply involved in your profession and take advantage of the benefits of participating in as many Divisions as interest you. 

Renew Membership / Add Divisions Login and go to your profile and select “Renew/Add Divisions” to join as many Divisions as you would like. Additional investment required.


Not a member? Join CEC and Divisions at the same time.


Only current CEC members are eligible to join a Special Interest Division. Additional rates apply.



Learn about CEC’s Interdivisional Grant Program.   Read More

Division President

Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE)
CASE provides leadership to advance the field of special education through professional learning, policy, and advocacy. As the voice of special education leaders, CASE routinely engages with federal agencies, national coalitions, and partner organizations representing our members. This focus on national policy and advocacy supports lasting solutions that continue to drive the profession forward!

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Kindel Mason

Complex and Chronic Conditions: The Division for Physical, Health and Multiple Disabilities (CCC)
CCC advocates for quality education for individuals with physical disabilities, multiple disabilities, and special health care needs served in schools, hospitals, or home settings. Members receive Physical Disabilities: Education and Related Services and the CCC Newsletter.

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Allison M. Kroesch

Division of Leaders and Legacy (CEC-DLL)
CEC-DLL supports CEC's programs and activities. Any person who has been a member of CEC for a period of at least fifteen (15) years, has served as an officer of a CEC Unit or Special Interest Division, or is a Past President of CEC qualifies for membership. All members of CEC-DLL must hold concurrent membership in CEC.

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Mikki Garcia

Division for Research (CEC-DR)
CEC-DR is devoted to the advancement of research related to the education of individuals with disabilities and/or who are gifted. DR’s goal includes the promotion of equal partnership with practitioners in designing, conducting, and interpreting research in special education. Members receive the Journal of Special Education and Focus on Research Newsletter.

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Audrey Sorrells

Council for Educational Diagnostic Services (CEDS)
CEDS is an international community of assessment professionals. CEDS’s mission is to improve, through excellence and advocacy, the assessment of children and youth with exceptionalities and to enhance engagement of their families.

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Emily Smith

Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DADD)
DADD is an organization composed of people committed to enhancing the quality of life of children, youth, and adults with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability, and/or other developmental disabilities. Members receive Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities, Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities, and DADD Express Newsletter

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Elizabeth Harkins

Division of Visual and Performing Arts Education (DARTS)
DARTS focuses on arts education for students with disabilities. DARTS is also the first division to focus on collaboration between art, music, drama, and dance/movement educators and special educators. A goal of DARTS is to bring together professionals who recognize that arts education reaches and teaches to our students’ strengths.

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Kathleen Farrand

Division for Communication, Language, and Deaf/Hard of Hearing (DCD)
DCD focuses on improving the education of children with communicative disabilities or who are deaf or hard of hearing. Members receive Communication Disorders Quarterly.

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Dana Kan

Division on Career Development and Transition (DCDT)
DCDT focuses on the career development of individuals with disabilities and/or who are gifted and their transition from school to adult life. Members receive Career Development for Exceptional Individuals and the DCDT Network Newsletter.

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Alfred Daviso

Division for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners (DDEL)
DDEL advances educational opportunities for culturally and linguistically diverse learners with disabilities and/or who are gifted, their families, and the professionals who serve them. Members receive Multiple Voices for Ethnically Diverse Exceptional Learners and the DDEL Newsletter.

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Camille O'Quin

Division for Emotional and Behavioral Health (DEBH)
DEBH promotes the education and welfare of children and youth with behavioral and emotional disorders. Members receive Behavioral Disorders, Beyond Behavior magazine, and the DEBH Newsletter.

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Robin Parks-Ennis

Division for Early Childhood (DEC)
From federal policy issues to critical resource needs in early intervention and early childhood special Education, DEC responds! We welcome family members as well as any discipline that serves young children (0-8) with disabilities and their families. Make CEC/DEC your professional home (or second home)! And invite a friend!

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Jenna M. Weglarz- Ward

Division of International Special Education and Services (DISES)
DISES focuses on special education programs and services in other countries. Members receive the Journal of International Special Needs Education and the DISES Newsletter.

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Rebekka Jez

Division for Learning Disabilities (DLD)
Supported primarily by volunteers, DLD works to improve services, research, and legislation for individuals with learning disabilities. DLD strives to serve its members through a variety of activities that include publications (Learning Disabilities Research & Practice and DLD New Times), an annual conference, grants and awards, and more.

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Brooke Moore

Division on Visual Impairments and Deafblindness (DVIDB)
DVIDB advances the education of children and youth who have visual impairments or deafblindness that impedes their educational progress. Members receive the Visual Impairment and Deafblind Education Quarterly.

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Adam Graves

Innovations in Special Education Technology Division (ISET)
ISET addresses the need, availability, and effective use of technology to support the learning of all students. Members receive the Journal of Special Education Technology, and have access to the Practice Portal and Tech in Action videos.

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Diane Bryant

The Association for the Gifted (TAG)
TAG delivers information to both professionals and parents about gifted and talented children and their needs. Members receive the Journal for the Education of the Gifted and the TAG Update Newsletter.

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Wendy A. Behrens

Teacher Education Division (TED)
TED emphasizes the preparation and continuing professional development of effective professionals in special education and related service fields. Members receive Teacher Education and Special Education, access to the TED Member only community as well as the member rate to the TED Annual Conference. 

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Kyena Cornelius


Last Updated:  22 May, 2023

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